Wow what a hot month in Yellowstone, it was above are average temps for the month. Bears and wolves were still active until the end. Steamboat did not erupt this month but Old Faithful continues to be faithful.
I missed a week and decided to play a little catch up. I start with tips for preparing for your Yellowstone vacation and then get into Lamar Valley. Lamar Valley is considered the Serengeti of the United States and is in general the best place to see wildlife.
One of the most often looked over areas of Yellowstone is probably the Grand Canyon and Lower Falls. The amazing canyon stretches for 20 miles and has magnificent views of two huge waterfalls flowing through it. If The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is not on your list of places to see it should be.
Chris Geremia has been working in Yellowstone with bison for about 20 years. Chris got started as field technician due to his skiing experience. Then in 2018 he took on the role as the lead bison biologist. Chris talks about bison behavior, populations, and conservation, and listen to the end as he answers a question...
Bears! They are out and about May started off slow but we went out with a bang. Beyond the bears Adam gives you a look into the past month and what has been happening in Yellowstone.
If you are visiting Hayden Valley you are probably searching for wildlife. Adam offers a glimpse into Hayden Valley and tips as to where you may find animals in this section of Yellowstone.
Fountain Paint Pots trail is my go to to place when it comes to taking visitors around a geyser basin in Yellowstone. If you have one day in Yellowstone and are wondering which of the many geyser basins to choose from I would consider Fountain Paint Pots. In this one area you find all four...
Julianne met the mountain when she was 18, she says it was first an infatuation, then a love affair, and now it is a good marriage. She has been hiking for over 48 years and made Yellowstone (Gardiner, MT) her home in 2002. Julianne has hiked thousands of miles in Yellowstone and shares some insights...
Interior roads into Yellowstone started to open on April 16th with more access comes more sightings. Adam gives a brief update in what has been going on this month from the wildlife to the geology.
Expert advice for planning a trip to Yellowstone. What should you bring with you? How can you plan to have a safe trip? And other tidbits to help you get the most out of a trip to Yellowstone.
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