Gettin Started!

Welcome to Tied to Nature! My blog for “for those that don’t get out, can’t get out, or can never get enough”! As a photographer sharing my photographs it not enough, behind every photo there is life, a story that can be told. As I share my photography I hope to share that story.

I have snowshoed miles to discover the hiding place of a Great Gray Owl.

I have crept through thickets to come face to face with elk.

And have been up before the crack of dawn to catch the first glimmer of light on the mountain peaks.

Beyond my personal experiences everything that I photograph has a story of its own, why does the moose have that dangling piece of skin below its chin, why are the Tetons so rocky and steep, or why does a grouse dance. Through this blog you will find each of these answers and more. I encourage you to enjoy my photography, learn from my stories, and then go out and experience it for yourself.  Most of my photo excursions take place in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (a 68,000 square mile piece of land) and the area directly surrounding it. On occasion I will have the opportunity to travel to other areas and when I do expect an exciting story from other parts of the country and someday the world.

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