About Our Island Park Idaho E-bike Tours

All of our current E-bike tours are operated out Harriman State Park.

Harriman State Park lies within a 16,000-acre wildlife refuge in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, Harriman State Park offers 22 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails that slink through meadows, meander along river banks and through lush evergreen forests. Some of the best fly fishing waters in the nation flow through eight miles of Harriman State Park, known by anglers all over the world over as “the Ranch.” Moose, elk and Trumpeter Swans, the world’s largest waterfowl species, are a common sight at Harriman.

Owned by Union Pacific Railroad investors from 1902 to 1977, the park acreage served as a cattle ranch and private retreat for the Harriman and Guggenheim families. Today, Harriman State Park provides visitors a perfect setting to enjoy the unique history and natural beauty of the area.


Harriman State Park by E-Bike

Join a local naturalist on a guided e-bike tour around  Harriman State Park. During this tour you ride an e-bike several miles on both trails and dirt roads over easy to moderate terrain. You will have the chance to visit the old Railroad Ranch, ride along the Henrys Fork and visit both Silver and Golden Lakes.  During your ride you will stop at different points of interests to learn the history of Harriman State Park and the local ecology and identify and view the different plant, bird, and animal life that calls this area home.

Biking & Birding

Harriman State Park is one of the  destinations on the “Idaho Birding Trail”. With a variety of habitat from lakes and rivers to forests and meadows Harriman is a great location to do a little birding. This is a great trip for a beginner birder looking to learn more about identifying birds or an advanced birder trying to add a couple species to their life list.

Biking & Bugling

Available Sept through October. Spend the morning by e-bike listening to the sounds of fall. During the months of September and October bull elk are bugling as they compete for cows (females) during the rut. You will ride out to different destinations in anticipation of hearing the elk bugle and maybe catching glimpses of the these majestic animals. Along the way we will not pass up on other potential wildlife sightings.

  • An experienced and friendly guide.
  • Binoculars and spotting scope.
  • Trek E-Bike
  • Guide Gratuity and entrance fees NOT included.
  • Public 4 hour tour starts at $140
  • Private 4 hour tours start at $700
  • Tour runs June – October
  • Half day trips start at 6:30am and 3:30pm
  • Inquire concerning bird or photo tours
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